Post Human W.A.R Wiki

The following is a list of Achievements for Post Human W.A.R. There are currently 67 achievements in the game.

List of achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Ace Duelist.jpg Ace Duelist Kill the enemy Champion with your own Champion in Conquest mode
Ambition.jpg Ambition
Arena-Ready.jpg Arena-Ready Win in Training versus AI
Artificial God.jpg Artificial God Win 500 Conquests with the R-PATCH
Berserk.jpg Berserk Kill 5 units with the same unit in Conquest mode
Bounty Hunter.jpg Bounty Hunter Complete all Daily Objectives in a day
Chimpanzee Knight.jpg Chimpanzee Knight Win 80 Conquests with the Anthropists
Close Enemies.jpg Close Enemies Fight in Training versus a player
Collateral Damage.jpg Collateral Damage
Construction Zone.jpg Construction Zone Build a resource obstacle
Dare-Devil.jpg Dare-Devil Win a Conquest game after your Totem has been destroyed
Defender of Legacies.jpg Defender of Legacies Finish the R-PATCH Campaign
Dump Duke.jpg Dump Duke Win 200 Conquests with the Wraaks
Elite Fighter.jpg Elite Fighter Win 250 Territories
Emergency Rescue.jpg Emergency Rescue Heal a unit with another unit
Emperor.jpg Emperor Win 2000 Territories
Eye of the Beholder.jpg Eye of the Beholder Join a game as spectator
Fearless.jpg Fearless Reveal your Champion in a Conquest game
Finally Home.jpg Finally Home Finish the Anthropist Campaign
For the Greater Good.jpg For the Greater Good Recycle a unit
Grand Strategist.jpg Grand Strategist Win 1200 Territories
Headshot!.jpg Headshot!
Hero of the Arena.jpg Hero of the Arena Win 4 Conquest games in a row
Immortal.jpg Immortal
Killing Spree.jpg Killing Spree
Last.jpg Last
Legend of the Arena.jpg Legend of the Arena Win 7 Conquest games in a row
Let's Beat On our Friends.jpg Let's Beat On our Friends Win a free game online
Mass Butcher.jpg Mass Butcher Kill 3 enemy units in one area attack in Conquest mode
Master.jpg Master Win 450 Territories
Master Computer.jpg Master Computer Win 80 Conquests with the R-PATCH
Me Talks You.jpg Me Talks You Buy a parlay icon in the Shop
Mechanical Rookie.jpg Mechanical Rookie Win 10 Conquests with the R-PATCH
Member of the Pack.jpg Member of the Pack Win 10 Conquests with the Wraaks
Merciless.jpg Merciless Win 120 Territories
Metal Commander.jpg Metal Commander Win 200 Conquests with the R-PATCH
Meticulous Surgeon.jpg Meticulous Surgeon The enemy Champion is the first unit killed in Conquest mode
Monomaniac Expert.jpg Monomaniac Expert Win a Conquest game with only one unit type
Movie Night.jpg Movie Night Watch a recorded game
Mutated Warrior.jpg Mutated Warrior Win 30 Conquests with the Wraaks
Nature's Champion.jpg Nature's Champion Win 80 Conquests with the Wraaks
Nature Fought Back!.jpg Nature Fought Back! Finish the Wraak Campaign
Overkill.jpg Overkill
Paint Job.jpg Paint Job Buy a color in the Shop
Parasite Evictor.jpg Parasite Evictor Win 30 Conquests with the R-PATCH
Peekaboo!.jpg Peekaboo!
Plastic Surgery.jpg Plastic Surgery Buy an avatar in the Shop
Post-Apostle.jpg Post-Apostle Win 500 Conquests with the Anthropists
Post-Human Warrior.jpg Post-Human Warrior Win 50 Territories
Proud Hominid.jpg Proud Hominid Win 10 Conquests with the Anthropists
Ready for a New Challenge.jpg Ready for a New Challenge? Unlock Expert mode
Recruit in Peace.jpg Recruit in Peace Save an army preset in Preset composition mode
Relentless Rampart.jpg Relentless Rampart Kill the enemy Champion in Conquest mode without losing a unit
Role Model.jpg Role Model Kill 3 enemy units with your Champion in Conquest mode
Sentinel.jpg Sentinel Win 15 Territories
Siege.jpg Siege
Sneaky Destroyer.jpg Sneaky Destroyer Destroy the enemy Totem in Conquest mode without losing a unit
Solo Mode Master.jpg Solo Mode Master Finish all Campaigns in Expert mode
The Art of Post-Human W.A.R.jpg The Art of Post-Human W.A.R Finish the tutorial
To Arms.jpg To Arms Win a Conquest game
Total Savage.jpg Total Savage The enemy Champion is the last unit killed in Conquest mode
Unique Units.jpg Unique Units Buy a skin in the Shop
Veteran Silverback.jpg Veteran Silverback Win 200 Conquests with the Anthropists
Warlord.jpg Warlord Win 750 Territories
Wraak Clan Head.jpg Wraak Clan Head Win 500 Conquests with the Wraaks
Your First Friend Ever!.jpg Your First Friend Ever! Successfully add a contact
Zealot Ape.jpg Zealot Ape Win 30 Conquests with the Anthropists